Sunday, December 8, 2013

What is this?

Some folks are pessimistic about the future. Gloom and doom. You hear things such as

These are the End Times
Technology is making us less connected to other people
Technology is taking jobs
Things are getting worse
We're running out of resources, the Earth's population is getting too big, wars and rumors of wars...

Et cetera.

And why not? Turn on the news and you are bombarded with crime, violence, famine, terrorism, political apathy ... and on and on.

But what if the news didn't represent the future? What if the reporting about events was just that: Reports about what *has* happened instead of what *will* happen? What if the future was Terrific?

This blog challenges the Gloom and Doom mentality. It looks beyond the hype of the news media *business* and focuses on the emerging trends and technologies that dispel any negativity. It points out what you're not hearing: How the future is terrific, how the best is yet to come, how things are getting better.

Don't believe me? Challenge accepted! Follow this blog and be prepared to be amazed.